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I have always found these about you sections challenging at times as I try and summarize my existence, expertise and purpose into a short summary. If you are here, I am trusting that you have seen my work and feel compelled to support it.

- Currently Managing Director of startup Cape Town is Awesome
Husband and father to the two best daughters in the known universe.

The Nutshell
I had started trading at the young age of 6 selling popsicles in my local neighbourhood, cutting the neighbour's lawns, washing cars and trading in my local classifieds at 10 years old. I knew that I was not going to fit the normal mould of school and career paths. A part from running some small business's at the age of 18 doing home I.T support. I ventured out into the working world and gained a lot of experience. I spent a good few years doing management consulting and brand work for some very well know mid corp retailers and South African celebrities. It dawned on me that I was a creative person trying to find my feet in the world and it was my creative thinking that brought me the most success in all of these business opportunities. One day I picked up a camera and I just kept on pointing it at things that grabbed my interest, both stills and videos. It did not take long for me to realise that this was going to be my stepping stone to the rest of my future. To be continued......
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My goal is to make a living from doing what I love. I love creating content, through photo, video and social media.
I have created the goal as a per content goal so that you know I'm putting it towards the production of creating good quality and frequent content. 

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