Josiah Akoya

is creating hand carved wood art and healing cancer holistically.
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About Josiah Akoya

Hello everyone! Art is part of my therapy in life! In August of 2008 I was diagnosed with Stage 2 Hodgkins Lymphoma (a form of blood cancer). I chose to heal all natural and refuse any form of chemotherapy, radiation, or surgery. It has been an incredible healing journey and I have learned so much and forever been transformed! The past couple years were extremely hard for me and my health slipped into a bad place. I am doing much better and on the rise again but need help paying for treatments while allowing time to deeply heal!

So here we are! I have created this account to help support me as an artist and my whole healing process. I have put out thousands of dollars over the past many years towards my health and have always had to work work work in order to just get by. My parents have also helped tremendously in paying for these treatments and such! 

Now I am calling in support and abundance so I can cleanse this cancer from my body once and for all! It affects my lymphatic system greatly and my system has been blocked and swollen for many years. I have learned how to work with it, but it simply takes time everyday doing therapies to really heal it right. 

With your support I will produce beautiful works of art, send out small rewards to patreons that donate at certain levels, and HEAL!!! <3

Check me out more!---------> 
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Hurray! First goal to help directly pay for treatments such as colon hydrotherapy and float tank sessions! Thank you so much!
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