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Thank you for visiting our Patreon account. We are just like you, only we have decided to sell everything and move into a 350 sq ft RV to live full time and travel around the US with our two girls, Caelan & Ellie (5 & 2), for the next 1-2 years looking for a new place to call home. We wanted to take a chance and do something off the beaten path by exploring not only our amazing country but ourselves as well. There is no perfect time to make such a drastic change and we didn’t want fear to be the only excuse that held us back. So, we sold everything we had but books, art and antiques, which were packed into a 7×7 POD. And now we are off…

By the way – we have no idea what we are doing in an RV and have no experience with RV living or even camping for that matter, but we are excited to be starting our journey and hope you come along with us!

Our goal with this Patreon account is to get some more camera gear to use so we can make our videos even more visually stunning. We already have invested about $3,000 in our camera and production gear so far. We love our Cannon 80D with 18-135 lens which is what we have used for all of our shooting thus far. 

We are still working - Rachel works as a consultant with Beautycounter and Adam is a personal consultant and working more hours than he would like to. Ultimately, we are working to diversify our passive income streams so we can have more flexibility with our time. This lifestyle of living in an RV and traveling (at least at this point) is not forever for us. It's a once in a lifetime opportunity to spend time with our family, spend time in nature, connect with each other, meet new people, explore new cities and savor the sweetness of each day while creating amazing footage and hopefully inspiration for anyone interested in coming along with us. Thank you for taking the time to read a little about us and for your support!
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We would like to get a wide angle lens that's just under $300 ( to take better shots.
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