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About Stars & Time

We're two nerds who felt compelled to bring our seemingly extraordinary love of science and speculative fiction to a wider audience, especially since what we have in mind doesn't seem to be out there yet. 

Thank you so much for any amount, your support means worlds to us!

We aim to bring you the best in reviews, recommendations and commentary on a wide range of media, all in the speculative and science fiction realm. Let the journey begin!

Ananda & Elizabeth
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Release Issue #1

Hi there! We're amazed and thankful that you've made it this far! Our first goal is really just to see if this thing is teneble, to cover potential printing costs and theoretically to compensate us for the time we put into this project. (The more time we can dedicate to this, the more we can bring to you!)

See you on the other side: sign up for our digital digest!

Issue #2 Artwork

We have a dream of bringing you something much more than a newsletter. We know some extraordinarily talented individuals and we'd love to compensate them for bringing our work to another level. Curious to know more? Sign up for Issue #1!
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