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Hello Everyone! 

My name is Matt Cexwish and I´m a professional miniature artist from Berlin, Germany.

I might be best known for my mechanical Dioramas like "The Return Of The Warlord - Two Sides Of One Coin", "The Great Wyrdstone Explorer" and "Leonardo DiMiragliano´s Answer". 

In the last 15 years I have been creating Miniature Sceneries and Dioramas that have won many international awards and the recognition of fellow artists and people all over the world. I have also been making video tutorials at Painting Buddha and Miniature Mentor and teaching Basing and Painting Workshops on versatile topics in many different countries and events.

I am very happy and proud to bring the 'Joy of Basing' to you, a series of tutorials on everything connected to building spectacular sceneries full of character and passion. 

Example Video - Temple Tile Base

At 'Joy of Basing' you can learn how to create incredibly detailed miniature sceneries that tell your own story. See in a comprehensive, condensed and entertaining way how I build bases from start to finish. Get your idea factory running and learn how to bring the scenery from your mind into reality! :)

Matt´ s Bio


I would like to give you some insight on how my mind works, what techniques I am using for constructive elements and what motivates me to push the boundaries of miniature art. Many people asked me for my opinion or guidance and I would like to make it happen in a more convenient (digital) way to reach as many of you wherever you might be.

I have already produced a couple of the bases you can see below, but there are many, many more to come. Please give me some time to expand the pool of knowledge further. My promise to you is that it will be well worth your time to study my content and that you will be able to build bases that you would not have thought you could build from scratch. Patreon is a great platform that allows me to dedicate a big portion of my time to produce the best material for you. I will constantly improve my presentation and production to make content better and better every time.


Your patronage gives you full access to detailed step by step instructions for every base I create, regular in-depth tutorials and videos paired with Streaming sessions so you can engage with me personally and ask questions about the entire process; I have been practicing this art for 15 years by now and have learned from all the mistakes I made, so you don´t have to learn bad habits or make mistakes as well.

Finally, if you have a special Basing project that requires more attention, you can choose one of the rare 'Master Explorer' Private Coachings! Here, you will get my full attention for your project. We will be developing a unique concept and turn your existing Projects into a real Showpiece. 1 hour of personal, videostreaming coaching monthly, highly exclusive.

Update: In addition to all content produced exclusively for this Channel your patronage will also unlock your access to the 'Joy Of Basing' Community on Discord! Here you can share your basing projects and get quick, honest and useful feedback about your work.


I am constantly improving my technical knowledge and set up here in the workshop, so I will look into ways to improve the image and sound quality over time. 
For the start and as long as we are less than 50 Patrons, I will only be able to make video tutorials about the building process of each base. Once we hit more than 50 Patrons, I will upload or create the painting process for every base. I am very committed to release content on a monthly basis or more frequently. I hope that with some additional funding from aspiring miniature artists out there we can increase the frequency of production, as it takes a lot of time to put everything together. I will be collaborating with both manufacturers and fellow miniature Artists to bring you some really unique projects. 

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When I reach more than 100+ patrons, I will start to release a Basic´s Series on giving insight on all the very elemental steps needed to set your own Working Place up... I will show Beginner Techniques from the very start, show you how to build tools, show you where to source basing materials, explain the different painting techniques, etc. This will also apply for $2 Pledges. 
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