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Jerome Peschard A.K.A Skullface, French exiled in Asia since the 2010s.
Self-taught was influenced by the universe "Pop Culture-Urban-Comics", I attach an importance to the illustration, the texture, the support which allow me to express my Asian everyday life with its risks and by-products, mixing fiction and reality: it is also the entanglement of the frustrating and ceaseless stream of my thoughts.

Professional since 35 and in the field of comics, multimedia, animation and the toy! It is naturally with these codes which I try to put has flat my thoughts and to concentrate my last 50 years has to paint for my pleasures. Painted in Vietnam my collections " DESIRED EAST / WEST, on 2018 ", " SOUL LIGHT, end 2018 or beginning 2019 “ and 'Social Codes' end 2019

Technique: oil painting, acrylic spray, real neon on support in sheet steel of coffering has recycled concrete ciment of the development of the anarchy construction has Ho Chi Minh City in correlation with my compositions images and stories which in my work allows to express at best my own experience in this country before discovering it others!

Much to my surprise liking naturally the comics American and the BD European, when I am a young kid it's painting that my mom offered me my  first comics of jack Kirby and kit of painting has the oil is 8 years old or I began has to paint heroes and lighthouses of the seaside of the Britany place, it wasn’t won! Being already has 8 big years old consumer of art and comics all as even today, it was thus natural to return has my puppy loves at 50 years old:).

Having begun in various businesses of the art and the difficulty has to succeed with voucher and wrong moment! It is with a big reflection that I have to decider to go to dedicate the rest of my time has to paint even if it means taking risks so much to take them in where we feel it best! 
I do not know if I have a definitive project, but of course I work on a project, I work on themes of pop culture which inspires me but the most important for me are to express my flow ceaseless ideas and of image which every day feed my head like a hyper active person and which I wish to create!

I think that everything has to start with Jack Kirby and the Renaissance but also later with James jeans, Jim Mahfood and many others because the list is long for a fan of images and I inspired by the pop Art, the Pop Culture, the renaissance...Jean Michel Basquiat, Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Jeff Koons, Robert Rauschenberg, Murakami, Ed Paschke, Erró, Richard Hamilton, pollock jackson, Botticelli, Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Raphaeland of course comes others moderns artists, I love so much the pictures!!!

how I see myself in future, hahaha maybe In this speed I would say in alive tramp of simple things of the life surrounded with my children being rich in experience while painting what I like! 

my hardest assignment is to have time to organize my exhibitions and communicate and to find the funds of sponsoring for the spending materials of certain paintings asking to blow of the glass and to make neon... for the moment I sales to French, American, Swedish, franco Belgium, viet some painting to assume my first need evewry month but not suffisant to explore and develop my idea but it's not bad for starting a career in art!!!

My pleasures and about painting means it's to tell stories and make up compose the pictures and I would want to be in a bubble where the time just stops for me to have time to develop my ideas!

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