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Supporters who just want to help out. Even just $1.00 helps in the creation of my mods. Thank you :)
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Supporters who really enjoy my mods and what I do. All supporters will have access to regular posts and can also ask questions, join in polls and other community projects.
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Veterans who really help me out. At this level of support you get early access to anything I'm working on and can make requests for small mods and changes (no guarantee I can do everything of course but if it's easy enough and within my power you can bet I probably will :)

Vets will also get full mention in the credits section of any future mods I create as they will be directly responsible in helping me achieve those creations!




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About JRavens

Hi I'm Jeff aka JRavens. I drink and I make stuff... usually in that order :D  The stuff that I make? Well It's mods for your PC games!
Some of the mods are good, some are great and some (not many) are complete and utter crap. You be the judge. One thing though that is always true though is I put my heart into them and my sole purpose for doing it is to make YOUR playthroughs better.

There is more to it than that of course, but you get the point. The thing is, this is a very hard kind of thing to monetize. What do you do when you make things that are meant to be free? I don't really want to ask for other people's hard earned money... especially for free mods. This is a labor of love, but it eats up all my time and I often have to juggle work against modding when really (and let's be honest here) I would rather just be modding for you guys for you guys. It's what I love. This Patreon is my way to be able to continue doing that for you.

Why Should You Back Me?

I make a whole lot of stuff for free, but sadly it can get rather expensive and take lots of time. This is especially true for large mods and overhauls which can take weeks or even months to develop. Supporting me on Patreon not only allows me to keep making this stuff, but also lets me keep it free while giving backers exclusive access to mod updates, beta tests, and all kinds of cool and unique stuff.

So, if you believe in my work too, and you like what I’ve created so far, please consider supporting my efforts on here, or alternatively making a one-time contribution here.

Thanks so much!
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Frankenmodding! If just 3 people can support my Patreon I will write up a tutorial and provide the tools needed to combine two or more small mods together so you can have the features you want (or don't want). Namaste!
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