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Crystal-1 Tier : Thank you for your support,it is greatly appreciated! It may not be muchfor you but it greatly helps me <3

You gain access to ocassional surveys where you can submit your opinion for a monthly tutorial image tackling a particular subject ( such as brush creation, color theory, drawing basics, shortcuts to software, anything a tutorial could ever cover ) .

Early access to various drawings, WIPs, early looks into projects, etc. updated frequently on this patreon's update blog

  Access to full hi-res drawings of Patreon-funded drawings 

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per drawings and tutorials
 Crystal-3 Tier :You will gain access to the previous reward, and:

Access to PSD files of Patreon-funded drawings

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per drawings and tutorials
Crystal-5 Tier: You will gain previous rewards. plus :

 ♦ Basic Feedback: Monthly outlet of your choice (IM services, even e-mail, etc). ) where you can get art critique of one of your drawings (or previous drawings) , redlining and some tips to better improve your art, as well as art tips in general 





per drawings and tutorials


 go around the art world as Jruva. I'm a freelance general artist and art college teacher who loves doing art, 3d and graphic design. I really enjoy these things and my goal is to create anything that can inspire people to make their own things, it makes me feel fulfilled to see people learning and be inspired to create their own art! You can find more about my work on the following places: 


I've been trying to make a living out of my passion of art and struggling with it. Things like bills, rent, food, money, etc make it hard to focus on honing my skills and creating as much art as I would like to.

My goal in Patreon is to have those interested in my work and interested in supporting me to pledge any amount of money for each creation I can make. I try to make my campaign bi-monthly, and I may or may not meet that quota each month depending on personal, financial or work reasons.

 I feel this medium that allows people to support me in pursuing my passion is amazing and I want to offer the best of my ability to you guys as thanks for your patronage! 

Here's how Patreon works if you're new, but here's the basic gist: For every drawing I upload, you can choose to give a set amount of money to fund the drawing. This can be considered your tip or donation to help support my endeavors and support me as an artist!

It would mean so much to me to have some support from my drawings and from teaching to eventually make it become my living, and start offering so much more as the budget allows it, such as better equipment (affording a better pc, afford a cintiq, afford other materials/software,  etc, affording time to create for other people, affording equipment to teach, etc), all so I can give back to you for your support!
$20.04 of $50 per drawings and tutorials
I'll be able to gain better equipment to aid people and create tutorials and resources with this, along with more alloted time to creating art ^^
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 178 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 178 exclusive posts

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