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Every Stone Counts:
Each donation matters, and the masses at this level help cover the costs the bigger tiers can't quite reach.

At this level, you get early access to everything that's targeted for the site. Flash fiction, serial fiction, audio fiction, and short stories will show up on Patreon before ever landing on the site.
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With your hefty support I can reach to higher levels because of the stability you provide.

At this level you get early access to all site and direct publishing fiction. This includes all site fiction early on Patreon, but it also includes early access to novels prior to exclusive publishing. Once the novels go live this access goes away so stay lively. You'll get shout outs on the podcast and a permanent thank you on the sites.
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About J Samuel Diehl

To create other worlds and places is an exciting experience. It's also a long drawn out experience full of ups and downs and twists and confusing loops holes that take a lot of Caffeine to fill. It's also a lot more these days than just sitting down and writing (although that's still the core experience). Helping to sponsor me on this quest will help pave that road. With that I'll be sharing through blog and podcast how things are going, some writing examples, samples of current works, and asking for opinions on forks along the path.

So what does your patronage do?

Pay for server space and software initially. Eventually it'll lead to a better site, and better equipment for both the writing and the podcasting. This allows me to create multiple times a week flash fiction, podcast episodes, short stories, and serials on a regular basis. It also serves as a supplement to long form fiction between major releases.

What do you get from being a patron?

Initially you get early access to any fiction destined to be free on the site. Flash fiction, serials, short stories, and audio fiction for the podcast will come to patrons at least a week earlier than the main feeds. You'll also get to see sample chapters that might not even make it to the site. Higher Tier supporters will get access to pre-release copies of direct publishing novels and collections before they go up as exclusives.

How often will you see results?

Flash Fiction, and podcast episodes each will drop a minimum of three times a week, with occasional bonus episodes. Short Stories will appear at least once each quarter. When serials are active, they will take a slot from flash fiction each week. Novels will appear on an as created basis.

Thank You for your patronage.

Your donation is extremely appreciated, and I'll be happy to shout out on the show and the blog those of you who chip in. Even if you're only able to take part for a few months or are in it for the long haul, thank you. Every penny counts.

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