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is creating fitness videos for your goofy, sweaty self
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- Written work out plans (probably by hand) 

- Build abs by laughing off your trepidation!

- Unlimited virtual hugs!

Biceps & Regret
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- Get access to my exercise-only videos!

- Perfect if you want visuals to the hand-written work out plans

- Do it, you won't regret it! Maybe I should have called this Biceps OR Regret...

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Glutes & Embarrassment
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- Watch compilations of bloopers cuz those are guaranteed to happen while filming :D

- It's only embarrassing if someone's watching, right?

- Vote in polls to determine my next exercise video! 

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About Jen Yan

Oh hi there, friends, Jen here! I am so excited to create fun, all-level, and effective workout routines for you all!

One of the most exhilarating things to me is to challenge my body to see what it can do and to kick those excuses right out the door... I am guessing you're here because you feel the same way! Some workouts will be using only what you have at your desk or at home, some workouts may be more specific to my favourite circus disciplines like aerial silks or handstands. 

I want to thank you all for inspiring me to join Patreon, and for all the love that has slowly allowed me to see the value I hold as a fitness instructor/circus coach.

Find me in person:
My Circus School (Mission, BC)
Monthly Workshops (Vancouver, BC)
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I will buy a fancy new microphone to do voice overs with!
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