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$2 a month. That's not a whole lot - $24 a year!  Support at this level is a simple "Hey Jarred, I like what you're doing - keep it up!". At $2 a month you will get access to the wallpapers I post for your mobile device (These no longer freebies for the public as of March 2019)

For your support, you also get access to my patron only feed. That means you can:

  • Join in on any discussion. 
  • Read/View any reviews I do.
  • Read/View any tutorials I put up.
  • Ask me questions or give me ideas of where to shoot!
  • Access to the all new Patron only Private Facebook group!
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Joining this tier means you support the "In Situ" project on Instagram and want to see it make it to print in photobook form. You'll also qualify for a 15% discount up front on the limited edition first run that the participants in the project receive - these will be numbered and signed and printed in limited numbers. Check out www.instagram.com/iproject_insitu.

 Of course you get the $2 tier Rewards too: 

  • Join in on any discussion. 
  • Read/View any reviews I do.
  • Read/View any tutorials I put up.
  • PLUS a 5% Discount on any Prints.
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Not even a cup of coffee! Support at this tier gets you access to the JT Wilson Photoworks dropbox folder. Once a month I'll drop a watermarked FULL RES image into this folder for you to copy and print to your hearts content. That means you can grab a deal on a canvas, or get it printed on metal or paper whenever you like and as many times as you like! Of course you get the $2 tier Rewards too:


  • Join in on any discussion. 
  • Read/View any reviews I do.
  • Read/View any tutorials I put up.
  • PLUS a 5% Discount an any Prints


Any digital file obtained via the dropbox folder cannot be shared with other people or used for commercial purposes and should not be cropped to remove the watermark. It can however be printed and gifted to someone if desired. At the end of the month the image will be removed and a new one placed there at the beginning of the following month.

Please note: Because I have no way of quality checking the final product I accept no responsibility for images that don't come out as expected. Please understand that your computer monitor may have a slightly different colour calibration/brightness setting and this may cause differences in how the images appear in print, and also that different formats respond differently to an image. For example canvases tend to display less contrast than a paper or metal print. 




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About JT Wilson Photoworks

Based in the Waikato (New Zealand), I'm trained as a Lab Technician and have been in that work space for the past 17 years. Photography is how I exercise the "arty" part of my brain. I shoot mainly Motorsport and Landscapes, but have a keen interest in all types of photography and continue to learn every time I pick up the camera.


  • It allows me to put more of my time and energy into this passion to bring more images and improve the quality of my work.
  • It builds a community of people who support what I do and provides me the best way to give back to them via Patreons reward structure.
  • It give me the best chance to get feedback from that community to improve on what I do.


  • You want to learn how I do things and get instant access to the tutorials I’ve written here. 
  • Q&A! Get your specific questions answered directly.
  • You want to get a hold of some of my favourite images and plaster them all over the screens you look at every day. That is: Phone lock screens, desktop/tablet wallpapers. 
  • You want to be a Project InSitu backer 
  • Discount codes! All patrons qualify for a discount code based on their tier. This will apply to anything on my web store.
Please note: Not all of the images I take can be legally printed and effectively sold (via a patreon reward). If the image contains recogniseable people in the public or specific branding visible, then the images are effectively off limits without the permission of the people/companies contained within.


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jtwilsonphotoworks


This is the stuff I shoot with :)

Camera: Canon 5D Mark III, Canon 30D, iPhone 7 Plus.
Lenses: Sigma 24mm f/1.4 ART, Canon 50mm f/1.8 STM, Canon 85mm f/1.8 and Canon 70-200mm f/2.8L
Tripod: Mefoto Backpacker
Filters: Hoya HD Circular Polarisers
Lighting: Yongnuo YN 560III Flash, Yongnuo 560TX Radio Trigger. Westcott Apollo 60" Convertible Umbrella, Godox 24" Softbox, various sizes of  “3 in 1” reflectors

$18 of $50 per month
I have an idea for a photo book that I’d like to produce. It’s s little outside my normal landscape usual, but I really like the idea of putting it together. It will require a bit of travel around the country meeting people (North island to begin with) but would hopefully be something people enjoy.

Once I hit this goal I’ll be able to put a plan into action to get it on a roll! Once complete there will be a limited run of it and a specific reward tier for those who want to support it :)
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