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Who Am I?
Hey there! My name is Mike, but you may know me better as MathasGames or JudgeMathas. For the past six years I've been creating gaming related content, mostly let's plays, on YouTube over at youtube.com/mathasgames.. But early on in that channels life span, I dabbled with more structured and heavily edited content similar to what is on the Judge Mathas channel today. However it quickly became apparent that the Let's Play style content was heavily outperforming the scripted content and I was able to produce that on a quicker basis. Couple that with a demanding restaurant job with odd hours and I had to cut something, and that ended up being the structured content. However, a little over a year ago I started a side project called Judge Mathas and well, that's what this Patreon page is for. I suddenly had the time to create that kind of content again, and I was eager to dip my fingers back into it, knowing it would be both creatively challenging and fulfilling in an entirely different way than MathasGames is. So over a year later, here we are and I couldn't be prouder of what we've created so far.

I adore creating video game content. Video games have been a passion of mine since I picked up a controller at 4 years old, and I've met some of my best friends and colleagues through this wild world we call content creation. Making videos, sharing that passion and being able to bring a smile to your face all the while is something I cherish and am thankful for every single day. The history behind games, what they were like and where they could go in the future is consistently exciting to me and I hope to continue sharing that passion for years to come.

Example of the content I create!

Why Patreon?
It's no secret that YouTube as a platform is incredibly volatile in regards to it's ad-revenue system. What can be flagged as advertiser unfriendly or what mysterious 3rd party companies flag as theirs (and in turn take all the ad-revenue from said video) is nigh impossible to predict. And this past year, more than ever, has been scary for content creators, especially those on the video game front. The YouTube algorithm seems to heavily favor fast, "viral", and easy content multiple times a day instead of more infrequent but heavily scripted and edited content and in doing so push that type of content to viewers more often than anything else. With that in mind, I felt the need to take away a bit of that worry from the Judge Mathas channel. YouTube has been my job for a couple of years now and I don't ever want to stop creating videos, and a Patreon is the best option for giving myself a fail-safe as well as having the means to directly upgrade a lot of my current gear and make the videos higher quality than they are now. Oh, and paying my editor is always nice.

What's Next?
Well, if you pledge to the Patreon, you will get the listed rewards under the tier you pledge! Anything from early videos to Discord access to blooper and behind the scenes nonsense! And if you don't pledge, you'll notice no changes whatsoever! There will be no Patreon exclusive episodes (except for some early viewing for Patrons), and everything on the channel will remain as they have for the year this channel has been around!

Your support as this channel has grown has been nothing short of amazing and I want to thank you all for it. I wouldn't be here without you!
$58 of $500 per month
Wow! This is great to hit the 1st goal! With this I'll be able to start replacing some of the cheaper equipment I own with good, quality stuff. Camcorder will be replaced, better lights, microphones etc. Overall quality improvement to the show.
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