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Hi lovely, I'm Julia!
I'm an international selling abstract artist and mermaid from Berlin, Germany!

Whether you just stumbled upon me or follow me for a while now, welcome!

I have finally made the leap to set up a window into my studio for everyone! Many of you have requested this, and even though I hesitated for the longest time, I'm now so happy to share my studio space with you

This is not a lesson in how to paint like me, more like an opening of my studio doors to let you peek in and join me in the creation of my piece

Here is how this works:
+ by supporting me you get access to the different benefits of your chosen tier (like Patreon exclusive images, timelapse videos, process shots, live stream of me, painting, live Q&A, goodies like stickers and postcards I sent out monthly and surprise originals and sketches I sent out bi-monthly)
+ Live Painting: I will paint a bit and then answer questions afterward
+ Each video will be a new layer of that same painting until I deem it done. That way you see me create my art from start to finish. I will not paint on it offline, only working on it where you guys see me
+ While painting I will listen to music on my headphones and share my current playlist with you, so you can listen to the same music or your own tunes.

Oh and before you go, if you want 10% off my original paintings, then subscribe to juliabadow.com/art

Thank you for your support!
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I'll be broadcasting a one hour LIVE Q&A event for my Patrons only. Ask me anything you want.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 12 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 12 exclusive posts

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