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Who I Am
Hello, world! I'm Julia and I am relatively not unique: a queer twentysomething barista harboring dreams of sharing stories with the world. My life in the non-internet world involves excessive consumption of sugary espresso-based beverages, exploring collaborative storytelling with the glorious LARP community, and doing my part to dismantle the patriarchy a little more every day.

What I Write
My writing of late has been predominantly short works in urban fantasy and soft science fiction, with occasional attempts at most areas that are sometimes dismissively called "genre fiction." See the bottom of this bio for a current list of active projects.
The project that has me most excited right now is my first foray into the world of game creation, Silicon Shores, a tabletop RPG of nautical adventures, sometimes with robots. 

What You Get
All patrons gain access to pieces as they are completed (a "piece" being defined as a completed short story or a chapter of game content), with extra rewards available such as commissions, cameos, and future goodies! 
I estimate 2-3 pieces completed per month, depending on game and convention schedules.
Not in a position to be a patron right now? Hit the "Follow" button or just check back here every now and then for excerpts, updates, and other interesting stuff.

Active Projects:
  • Silicon Shores - Tabletop RPG -  Adventures in a post-apocalyptic world of pirates, robots, and pirate robots.
  • To Mel And Back (working title) - Novel - A mashup of cozy mysteries and urban fantasy, following a stranded warlock exploring s a suspiciously quirky Massachusetts town.
  • The Compact - Novel - A lone smuggler resists a dystopian regime with nothing but tall tales, hope, and a suitcase full of makeup.

Thank you for taking a look at my Patreon, and may your lives be full of exactly as many adventures as you desire.

The original stock image for my banner can be found at https://alegion-stock.deviantart.com/art/old-map-92900729
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When I reach 20 patrons, I will start releasing one free post per month, in addition to the usual content!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 114 exclusive posts
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