Julian Civiero

is creating films that uncover the hidden histories of Abruzzo

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Recording the untold stories of Abruzzo

In human society oral history was 'the first kind of history', passed down from the elders to the next generation, and for centuries this was the only source in understanding the past and was commonplace, then the rise and spread of the printed word weakened this tradition.
Historians have finally recognised that the everyday memories of everyday people, not just the rich and famous, have historical importance, these stories do not often feature in textbooks. These are stories that are simply absent from surviving documentary evidence, yet it is an essential process in compiling and understanding our local history and these memories also bring new perspectives to understandings of our past.
This is about slowing down, stopping and listening. This is about 'doing history' and offers an accessible and sociable method of finding out about the recent past, events that would otherwise be lost.
My personal realisation of the fragility of these stories proved an inspiration to record the recollections of older members of the local community in Abruzzo.
The realisation that irretrievable information is slipping away from us with every moment is my main driving force.
I believe that if we do not collect and preserve these memories, these day to day stories, then one day they will disappear forever. Collecting these stories, gives us a sense of catching and holding something valuable from the receding tide of the past.

One hundred years from now these oral histories will have a value far greater than we realise today. If you want to help me preserve our history for the future, please become a Patron!
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My goal is to build an extensive audio and cinematographic archive of stories, of memories and to be able to focus on this as a full-time project. I want to be able to record these personal histories and traditions of the Abruzzo region and make sure that they are not lost to future generations.
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