Julie Heck

is creating a piano methodology book, original compositions and music videos
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The first step in setting up my business is to register my music business as limited liability corporation to protect myself. 




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About Julie Heck

Hello dear fellow supporter of the arts, 

My name is Julie, and my goal is to keep classical music alive and well by producing tasteful music videos of classical hit covers, scoring original compositions and publishing a piano methodology book for beginner students of all ages, ability levels and learning styles. 

I support my artistic endeavors by teaching piano and performing at events such as weddings and ceremonies. I spent three years in Berlin, Germany to gain international experience and obtain a masters degree, and that I did. Now I am two weeks fresh back home in the US and ready to take my creative work to the next level, including collaborating with my long-term contemporary in LA. 

If you love classical music, value education and enjoy finding new and original content online, perhaps you will enjoy what I have in store. Several projects are in the pipeline, and I only need time and a bit of external financial support to wrap them up.

Please feel free to check out what I currently have and come back later for more. If you like what you see and share the same vision as me, I would be most grateful for any contribution to keep the dream alive. 

Many thanks for taking the time to read and listen.

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Once I reach $500 I can hire an illustrator for original sketches and a graphic designer to help me layout my piano methodology book in Adobe Design. 
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