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About Julie Jubz

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My name is Juliana Xavier (a.k.a. JulieJubz) and I am a writer, illustrator and sequential artist currently living in Brazil. I draw and write for a living and that's why I'm here; I want to share more of it with you guys.

My Patreon page acts first and foremost as a tip-jar. I’m a full-time freelance artist with a couple of other jobs and activities on the side, so trust me when I say that there’s always plenty going on. In a perfect world, I would be able to dedicate myself solely to my own projects. But since we don't live in a perfect world... I'll do my best as we go.

Right now, one of the main things I am focusing on, is my artistic survival. The money I get from Patreon always goes into paying for my artistic needs (a.k.a. bills). This includes: paying for subscriptions like Dropbox, my portfolio site and art programs +add-ons.

  • EmVee pages + pitch ♥ Writing a script and need to work on character design + world building, along with drawing comics pages.
  • Julie the Giant Personal comics that I'm planning on drawing, coming soon :) 
  • Writer Coven Badge Project + Game template ♥ Status: about to start!
  • Portfolio Update ♥ This one just.. never goes away. Currently needing more full pieces along with children's picture book illustrations.

  • Digital rewards are uploaded within the first two weeks of every new month (usually on the 4th or once payout is completed).
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  • Birthday Surprise is done according to the person’s birthday.

I have a full time art gig, and I'm also desperately trying to get my foot in the door with art/writing agents. Which means I have to spend a fair amount of time building up my portfolios. This severely limits the time I can spend on my own projects, but I keep going anyway. Your patronage will ensure that I can continue focusing my time and energy on pursuing new personal work.

So, if you'd like to become a patron, go ahead and hit that big purple button that says 'Become a Patron' and select the reward tier you're interested in! You can sign up for as little as $1 a month. You can also cancel this anytime, and/or adjust your fee whenever you please. All support is appreciated no matter how much or for how long. And if you don't feel like becoming a monthly Patron, you can always tip me a coffee at my ko-fi page!

I hope you'll stick around and take a chance on me. 

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