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About Julie Rea

Well, howdy. Thanks for stopping by my Patreon page.

I've started this page for those who've enjoyed my work – be it in person, or in internetland – and would like to support me. If you've enjoyed a show or two, and would like to help fuel more creations, drop a few buck-a-roos into the ol' digital tip jar.

All those pennies will go toward the time it takes to train, create dance, study music, sew costumes, practice scales, organize performers, promote shows in the Bay... and on and on and on. Thank you!

A little more about me:
I am a dancer who grew up with a French horn in one hand and a trumpet, bass, or mallet rattling around in the other. Put that in a box and shake it and you end up with a belly dancing trumpet player with other side creations. 

I perform regularly with the Americano Social Club (bringing you monthly ruckus filled music and dance since 2011 - catch us the first Saturday of every month at Club Deluxe on Haight Street at Asbury) and I'm an original member of Gold Star Dance Company, directed by Kami Liddle (catch our upcoming Bay Area shows). I've co-produced a variety of shows including Baxtalo Drom - The Lucky Road, a former monthly gypsy punk party in San Francisco featuring live music and performance, burlesque, belly dance and floor rattling DJ's, and the Blue Note Rendezvous, among others.

Come support in person at an upcoming show, or feel free to become a monthly supporter right here on Patreon! 

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