is creating mukbangs (eating shows) on Youtube!

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✨Hey, thanks for visiting my Patreon page! 
I'm Julie and I started creating youtube videos sometime late 2016-2017. How did my love of creating videos start? Well...

I grew up in a big family (I have 6 siblings) and so my parents couldn't afford to buy us phones, let alone a camera. And your girl realllyyyyy wanted a camera more than anything in the world. I remember in middle school, my parents finally bought me a $99 camera from Best Buy 🤩. It was mint blue and I attached a dolphin keychain to it. It was my baby and I literally had too many selfies and also filmed random videos of myself, bring it to school, and show videos to my friends :D 

I remember I even filmed myself eating this delicious whoopie cake and making my friends laugh as they watched it. That was possibly my first mukbang via 2009. (Should I post it one day? XD) But, yeah it was fun for me and...entertaining for them? LOL

Fast forward to my third year of high school and my friends and acquaintances tell me I should do youtube videos because they liked my fashion style. I started a fashion channel...and I got 15 subscribers!!! ._. Tbh, I knew the quality was not the best, which led me to do the next thing. I eventually sold (1,000+) bags of hot Cheetos as school and was able to afford a $1,100 MacBook & proper editing software I use to this day. 😌

Then...It took another two years of working at Target to save up money and buy my camera I use now to film videos and and thus my videos finally became somewhat decent!! 🥳

I have been steadily growing my "Jewels" family here on YouTube and recently I graduated college. I had to get ready to apply for jobs, but then I realized that YouTube these days was not only my passion, but turning into an actual job 😱!

I'm just starting my life by myself and still am far off until I am a whole functioning adult so that's why I have this patreon if you are wanting to donate to my channel. I just want to do so many things and allow the thoughts/creations in my head to become actual things!... so your donation will mean so much to me. 

See you guys, 


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My first Jewel = My first Patreon Post!

Hmph...still wondering what to post here, but yeah hoping to get our first patreon and I'll post my first exclusive patreon only post. Stuff you don't see on my YouTube, instagram, anywhere! :D Just waiting for that notif. that we have our first patreon.~
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