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About Julio Lacerda

Hi everyone!

I'm a paleoartist - an artist that specializes in making art of prehistoric organisms and settings. Paleoart is important to bridge the gap between science and the general public: It helps in making paleontology an interesting topic for the average person which in turn brings attention and generates funding to scientific research, in a positive feedback loop.

What I try to do as an artist is offer a glimpse into a very natural and real world that once existed in this very planet we live in. I want to make people feel the same appreciation for extinct animals as I do myself, because by recognizing the uniqueness of those species and the intricate connections of those ancient ecosystems, we can in the same way treasure the fragile creatures and environments around us today. We can understand how things came to be as they are and how they may also cease to be.

You may already know my work if you're familiar with some of the projects I'm involved in like Earth Archives and Studio 252MYA, two platforms through which a team of artists and scientific consultants have the goal of bringing scientific education to people worldwide.

How can you help me?
As you may know, making a living out of art - specially scientific illustration - is a tricky business. Even though art is an incredibly necessary resource in our society, both in terms of human expression and because of its importance in raising awareness, promoting learning and bringing people together, its a severely undervalued work. And on this day an age where facts are losing their importance and science is often seen as unimportant at best or "evil" at worst, the work of paleoartists, scientific illustrators and communicators in general is more important than ever. By supporting me on Patreon you allow me to create more pieces of artwork, spread a little more scientific awareness and a more complete knowledge of Earth's past throughout the Internet.

What do you get by supporting me?
You can get early access to stuff I'm producing, have a sneak peek into sketches and future projects, participate in exclusive Patreon polls and discussions, see the step-by-step process of some of my illustrations, receive a print in your home, request stuff for me to draw and get custom paintings!

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