Julio Centeno

is creating U.M.C. (Unity M.U.G.E.N Clone)

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The first goal of UMC is to recreate M.U.G.E.N with 1.1 compatibility in mind using Unity engine as it builds to many platforms so we can have it for PC, Linux, Mac, Android, IOS and even Consoles.
The second goal of the project is to add new features to the engine, some simply like coins and some more complex like 3D stages.

As the development is using Unity engine we can have some extra features out of the box like;
- Better controller suport.
- Possibility to programing a char in C# using Visual Studio helping reduce errors in programing
- As mentioned in first goal, many platforms support

The current status of the project:
- Can read all files of a character and use "as is".
- Character is working on screen with some basic movements.
- Working on basic state controllers implementation. (ex: Explod, HitDef, etc)
- Yet to be decided
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