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You will be mentioned in the outro of my next video! This works for the next tiers as well :) 

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  • I send you the sheets of a cover that I already made. Check the description of the video to see if the sheets are mine.
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  • I'll record a cover of a normal song that you ask me to do. The sheets can be found on the internet, I will talk to you about when to upload it and the difficulty.
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  • I'll record a medium-hard cover of a difficult song that you ask me to play. I could probably record more "me"s like Smooth McGroove to make it easier (sometimes). I will talk to you about when to upload it and the difficulty.
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  • I'll record an easy song for you and I'll make the sheets if needed. I can send you the sheets if you want'em. Same about when to upload it and all of that :)
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  • Same that before, but with a hard song, even if I have to do the sheets. I'll do them as best as I can
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  • I will record FIVE different covers for YOU, and I will upload them one by one, absolute priority on your requests. Note: You're crazy if you do this please don't xD




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About JuliSwegLord

Welcome! First of all, sorry for the bad English :D
Hey guys! I'm Julián, if you're here on my Patreon then you'll know what I do: playing the piano. I upload piano covers of me playing to Youtube from all types of music, like videogames soundtracks, films, anime stuff, shows, groups, and much more! And I can even do requests for all kinds of music as well. Your favourite song could be up on my channel for you!

What do I do on Patreon?
I have been recording stuff for 6 years, and I have more than 600 videos on Youtube, but I don't have enough views to get partnered and get money from my works. So I thought of this like my way of earning money. If you want to help me on this platform, then I'll thank you a lot for it ^^ Every donation will help me, it doesn't matter how much is it.

What do you get for helping me on Patreon?
In Goals you can take a look about what I'm doing depending on the donation that you send, but most of them are just me playing the music that you'd like me to play.

What does my username mean?
My original username was JuliánSwegL0rd, Julián is my normal name, Sweg is a word that me and my best friend created a long time ago, and L0rd comes from when I watched a lot of PhantomL0rd, which I don't do anymore. After a lot of changes, the username has now become JuliSwegLord, much easier to read and easier to write, am I right?
If you have any doubt, please go to the links you have on the left, like Twitter, Twitch or Youtube where I can talk to you. See you on the next creations that I'll be doing :) and thank you for being here!
$0 of $1,000 per month
- My own tablet for watching sheets.
- Pedal for going from one page of the sheets to the next.
- i7 Core
- Geforce GTX 1070ti-1080ti 
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