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About Jul's Progkast

Jul's Progkast (or just "Progkast") is a monthly to bi-monthly (twice a month) Independent Progressive Rock Podcast.

Multi-Million dollar corporations have more than taken over our radio stations. The result is overly sugarized, sub-par, low quality "music". Many say that Rock Music is dead simply because radio stations don't play it. They say that Progressive Rock is dead simply because radio stations don't play it. Computer programs and statistics decide what is played on the radio, and it is not regional specific. The genre of Progressive Rock is bands such as Pink Floyd, Yes, early Genesis, Emerson Lake and Palmer, King Crimson as well as newer bands such as Dream Theater, Crippled Black Phoenix and Astra. Rock music and specifically Prog Rock music is alive and well and living on Community and College Radio (NOT Corporate Commercial Radio), as well as Satellite Radio and personal Podcasts. This is such a Podcast. My goal is to play this music and help keep it going. Prog Rock is experiencing a bit of a comeback due to the general disgust for the corporate Pop that is currently playing on commerical terrestrial radio.

My podcast features new and Indie Underground Prog Rock bands. In order to keep this Podcast going and not have to delete older Podcasts in order to upload new ones, I incur monthly fees. Currently, these are $15/mo.  I have purchased some podcasting equipment as well as new software, memory cards, and computer (my old one bit the dust, lol) without which this podcast would not be possible. So anything above the $15 would go to help pay for the overhead costs involved (I'd be happy with just the $15 to cover the monthly expenses! ).

I don't do this for a living, I do this because I love Prog Rock Music and want to get it "out there" and get people listening to it.

My background in music is that of a Musician and former Freeform music radio Disc Jockey (DJ)/Programmer. If you love Prog Rock like I do, or even if you casually like it...and want to hear something new.. I think you will like my Podcast. I scourge through creative commons sites as well as social media and independent artist support sites every week for some of the best stuff that fits the specs of my Podcast....I play classic style prog with lots of synths and some mellotron as well as guitar heavy prog and metal, jazz fusion, and psychedelic - Solid Prog and music just on the edges of Prog.  Surfing the web, I do the work, so you don't have to.

Podcast on Soundcloud (also available through itunes, google play, PlayerFM, and Stitcher as "Progkast" - (with a "k")).  www.soundcloud.com/progkast

Thanks for your support! Julie
$12 of $15 per month
Pay for unlimited uploads on hosting site (in this case, Soundcloud) so that older podcasts will be retained and not deleted. Otherwise I could only upload and retain three podcasts on the site.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
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