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Apart of traveling I love to go and explore abandoned places! It just has something magical. As urban explorers we visit a lot of places, lot of times with the risk of getting caught, getting hurt or worse. But it's a hobby and we love doing what we do.

To help financing our trips and material and in order to be able to keep creating this awesome content it would be very nice to have a little help here on patreon. 

Thanks in advance guys!
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Thank you for your donation and support! You are awsome!
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Have your name in the credits at the end of my future videos! I'd love to let the world know that you care!
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With 150$ a month I can make sure I keep my equipment up to date, ensuring constant improving quality and viewer comfort. Apart of that it will help to visit more special places, giving me the oppertunity to create even more astonishing footage.
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