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Particularly at ease with improvisation and in concert, being an entertainer, a few years back I gave myself the challenge to cover songs with my "home-studio" basics.
All genre possible including those where I had no experience at all : RnB, Electro, Opera, R.AP., Jazz & soul, ...

This way I could work on my precision and on giving the same "emotional message" as I do in concert or improvising with good musicians. And, of course, widden my repertory at the same time !

I've worked with several different groups mainly original rock compositions between 1998 and today, the most important band being LazyLemon (2000-2015): http://fangaliel.wixsite.com/fangaliel-aka-jun/lazylemon

Now days, I'm in 2 covers rock bands :

Cover Me Mad : a light-n-sound concept where we invite people to travel trough time of classic rock (and a few pop-rock) : http://covermemad.wixsite.com/covermemad

Sundays of Icarus : covering groups like Tool, Porcupine Tree and Perfect Circle we challenge ourselves with each new piece and it's great to share Real fine music like these with a public that barely knows them usually. (unfortunately, the recordings take some time so we do not have audios to propose yet) : https://sundaysoficarus.wixsite.com/sundaysoficarus

Please do note that I'm not at all an engineer may it be for the audio mounting or the video creation.
I do what I can with the basic home material I have : Audacity, Vegas Pro video, my Audix OM7 and a soundblaster fatality soundcard.

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