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You are my pillar of strength; the literal foundation my work grows from. In addition to my undying gratitude, you will gain access to:

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A journey is only as good as the companions who join you on it. Thank you for joining me on this journey & giving me the opportunity to share it with you!
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You are a legend-hunter, a story-seeker! Like me, you are someone who thrives on epic tales & adventure! You are my hero! In addition to my undying gratitude, you will receive:

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  • A digital download of Poor Tom - a hitherto unreleased, acoustic EP of dark & twisted songs, recorded with the outstanding Nathaniel Johnstone while on tour (available in October 2020).
  • Early access to episodes of The Loom - a new podcast series, weaving together elements of lesser known myths & legends, herb lore & seasonal folk traditions - when it is released.

A journey is only as good as the companions who join you on it. Thank you for joining me on this journey & giving me the opportunity to share it with you!
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You are a memory keeper; both mystic and bard. You are a singer of old songs, an evocare of old ways and walker of forgotten paths. In addition to my undying gratitude, you will receive:

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  • Access to the quarterly, online Song Circle - where we will learn & share folk songs from our own traditions, traditions we love & my ever growing collection of folk songs!
  • Video footage of podcast interviews, wherever they are available.
  • Hyper-speed, full-length Creation Videos of art pieces & commissions I am working on.
  • One free ticket to any concert I perform in your area!

A journey is only as good as the companions who join you on it. Thank you for joining me on this journey & giving me the opportunity to share it with you!




My name is Genevieve. Welcome to my Patreon page!

First off, I want to say just how grateful I am that you are here. Know that any support you offer is generous and allows me to take another step towards becoming a self-sufficient artist, able to devote all of my time to my work. However, I also want to be clear that (for me, at least), support is never just about money. Every word of encouragement you offer, every concert you attend, every time you share my work  makes the work I do not only possible, but joyous! That connection is why I am here. However you support my work, please know I am beyond grateful. Thank you.


I am a writer, poet, visual artist, storyteller, myth-maker, songwriter, ballad-singer, folklore-seeker, dancer, podcaster and world traveler. Yep. All of those. We all have a story which is worth sharing and I believe that many people yearn for a richer, more fantastical, mystical & expressive life (and world) than the one we have been creating for ourselves. I also believe that connecting to our roots through folklore, music & dance reminds us we have the ability to create our world in any way we choose. The deepest wisdom each of us is searching for right now exists in how we choose to create the stories we tell ourselves and the rest of the world; just as it can be found in stories told by those who came before us. However, I also believe that in many ways we have become deeply estranged from ourselves, from each other and from our connectedness to all living things. Our historical and modern folk practices, ceremonies, dances, songs & deep knowledge of the natural, growing world hold the keys to bridging that gap.

As an artist, I try to rekindle a sense of possibility, wonder, magic and connection through storytelling. I wish to ignite an insatiable hunger in everyone I meet to explore their own stories, heritage, sense of possibility - and to use it as a direct means to combat fear and detachment through creation and connectivity. I work within various modalities and genres because I believe that stories (like us) are rarely ever simple. Sometimes the best means of expression arises through performance or song (so I perform as Juniper & The Wolf). At other times, I find the most profound lessons lie in delving into the depths of history and folklore (so I share thoughts and interviews through We Who Move). Still other times, I find palpable truths to surface when exploring the liminal through dance, movement or visual art (Æther & Alchemy).

Throughout all of these projects, collaboration and connection are key for me in reaching future audiences and ensuring, not only the remembrance and continued evolution of folk tradition, but the embracing of it - and with that, the rediscovery of ourselves as part of this glorious, animate earth!


Once upon a (real) time...artists, musicians, inventors, creators, poets, etc. would try to secure the support of a king, lord...or a really, really, really rich person/family (see Medici). In exchange for the Patronage of said wealthy benefactor (i.e. support in the form of money, food, clothes, supplies, titles, connections, protection and access to places common folk would never otherwise be allowed entry), the artist/musician/ inventor/etc. would basically do whatever this patron wanted. For example, one artist might create songs focused on the Patron’s prowess, beautiful mistress or daring feats in battle! Another might create works of art or architecture in the patron's name! (You get the idea). Often an artist would be called to court to entertain or be shown off...and then sent away again, wearing the Patron’s coat of arms and singing their praises to the world. In this way, say when tax time came at a local village, the lord/lady was assured that the peasants might remember who it was that had just sent, say, a performing troupe to entertain them...and might therefore be slightly less inclined to string up the tax man. I right?

Well, we may be living in different times (are we really, though)? However, one thing is certain. Wealthy nobles seeking to dole out patronage are in short supply, and without them, the life of an artist is near impossible to make financially feasible...ENTER PATREON!!!

Patreon is a unique crowd-funding platform that operates on a continual basis, using contributions from individual supporters and fans (i.e. everyday folks like you and me) to ensure artists and creators are compensated for their work. Patreon is tailor-made so that you may contribute only what you are comfortable with, which you can cap or change at any time, and there is never an obligation to continue.

Each tier of support offers various benefits - from behind the scenes content, to unreleased tracks, folk song commissions, new artwork, secret podcast episodes, T-shirts, concert tickets and so much more! Beyond that, my hope is to offer you the chance to become part of an artistic community - my community - collaborating, sharing music, art, folklore, traditions and deep connection. 

By supporting my work - and the work of other artists in this way - you are directly saying to the world that artists and creators have value in our world and that we deserve to be paid for the countless hours, sweat, joy and tears we pour into our work. Most of all, you allow us to thrive and ensure the work we do continues to grow.

No matter how you choose to support me (or anyone here on Patreon), I guarantee that we are all so, incredibly grateful. THANK YOU.

~ Genevieve

19 of 250 patrons
When our lovely community reaches 250 members...
I will be able to afford most of the basic necessities for my business  -  such as guitar & banjo strings, high-quality drawing paper, as well as covering monthly subscriptions, like Photoshop & my website.

To celebrate, I throw a Patron-only, live-streamed concert. There will even be a pre-concert poll for song requests (of original and folk songs already in my repertoire).
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