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About Juno_Frez

Hi, Juno_Frez
Uh? Eh? Ah, Hi all.
Who are you? Introduce yourself.
Hi, my name is Juno_Frez. I'm 18 years old and i live in a small -very small- town in the center of Italy. I like to create all sort of things, i'm a little bit iperactive. I love art but also science. I've joined Patreon because i like to create stuff, and maybe i can make money with it. The next year i'll go to the university, and this is a funnier way to save money than work in a supermarket or in a fast-food. And, very important, i'm a Creator
And what do you create?
I like to create all sort of things. I hate to stay focused on just one idea at time, so i change a lot. My main interests are oil paint, digital draw, writing novels and stories, videomaking, building enormous minecraft structure, create steampunk and electric junkies,...
Ok ok stop please, i've understood
Perfect! Do you have another question for me? My kitchen is burning and maybe i should call 911...
No, you can do it later. Now, let's talk. What do you offer to your patrons?
It's hard to say what i can offer, because of my large interests. Certainly, i'll post minimum one big, sensational, fantastic thing a week, with some other smaller post. BUT, important notice, patrons can influence the priority order of my working so, if someone has a request for some activity that i should increase, just become patron and ask me! They will also have sneak peek of further content and exclusive polls!
But, you can tell us something more specific?
I'll try with a list.
Oil painting -> patrons will have "making of" video/gif/timelapse
Digital drawing -> PSD file, timelapse, 
Minecraft building -> SCHEMATIC file, walkthrough
Video's -> making of, backstage
This isn't a very good list...
Yes, i know that there aren't very big rewards, but it's hard now to say what can i offer on each works, so more information will exist everytime. 
It seems a good purpose!
It is. I promise to do my best to satisfy my patrons.
Can we see some works?
Yes, click THIS LINK. It's my DeviantArt.
Okay, Juno_Frez. Thanks for your time!
It was a pleasure, bye!

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Padawan (T1)
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Hey, i've found a dollar! And you have just unlocked the Tier 1 Rewards! Many interesting things are spreaded in my posts. So, let's search it!
Thank you for the support you're giving me. This is another brick in the wall that i'm building. 
Jedi Knight (T2)
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The force is strong with you! 
You've just unlocked the Tier 2 rewards! This, means that now you have early access on my creations and a lot of cool (maybe useful) stuff!
And, most important thing, now you can enter my Discord server, where you can chat with me whenever you want.
Includes Discord rewards
Jedi Master (T3)
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The force is very strong with you!
The support you are giving to me it's very important, thank you. Now, you will have a lot of privilege: early access, downloadable content, an access on the Discord server. You can also votate on the most important polls on the page! Aren't you excited?
Includes Discord rewards
$5 of $100 per creation
I think this is a good goal to start. This money will be employed mostly to buy canvas & colours to paint, accessories for the videocamera. And to buy a lot of pieces to build a steampunk PC (You will se on the page).
And, they will help me to save money for the university. Yeah, sometimes i study too.
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