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About Figment

Hey there, I'm Figment! I'm a writer and artist who also greatly enjoys online literate roleplay! You may know me from my pet projects, Aimless and World of Irithia.

When what started out as an off the cuff fanwork my cousin and I just messed around with at family dinner eventually turned to work shopping on a more original premise, Mordy JV and I grew to love what we made and start to take the idea of doing something more with it a lot more serious. Eventually, the characters we had put so much love and development into shifted over into our new premise and evolved into what we are now calling "Aimless". Despite being much older now and miles apart, our passion for the project and our bond over working on it has stayed strong! I hope that Aimless will bring as much happiness and get those who follow it through as many hard times as it has for me.

World of Irithia is a roleplay community built from and set within an original universe of my own creation (with additions from the community). I hope to create an interactive, open-world type literate roleplay (something akin to an mmorpg) with a welcoming and friendly community to go hand in hand with it. With my world as its base, the community would help me to bring it to life with their characters and storylines within it as well as their feedback, suggestions, and contributions to expand upon and embellish the lore of the world. This will require a lot of patience and support from those looking to become involved, but I believe a great roleplay community will be achievable!

While my goals don't necessarily require funds to become reality, anything supporters give will help me take them that much further. With some of the stress of bills off of my shoulders I'll be able to put that much more into my work with my extra time and energy. Even if you can't give, I greatly appreciate your interest in my work! <3