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About Me: 

Hey there! My name is Elijah, I’m 21 years old and I live in St. Paul, Minnesota. I have a mom & dad, 5 brothers, 3 sisters, a beautiful girlfriend, and two adorable cats named Milo & Harriet.

I also have aspergers syndrome. But of course, just like the things I previously mentioned, you probably wouldn’t have known that. Because it’s not something that I let define me.

Apart from having an autism spectrum disorder, I’m a pretty straight forward guy. I love spending time with my family and my girlfriend, I greatly enjoy helping other people, and once in a while I even play video games.

If you get to know me, you’ll find out very quickly that my biggest passion in life is showing people how important they are, and helping everyone I meet have at least a slightly better day. Making people smile is what makes me smile the most, and even though it can be very hard at times, I’ve never regretted doing anything that cheered up someone else. I guess I just love people too much :)

My dream is to travel the country (or even the world) to speak at schools and churches, and help kids and teens to know how valuable they really are. If I can help just one person learn to love themselves a little bit more, then I will consider that a success.

What I do:

Every day I spend a great deal of time communicating with and reaching out to individuals who are struggling. Whether it be as serious as suicidal ideation or as simple as not knowing what to say to a friend who is hurting, there is hardly anything I haven't come across. 

I have two main ways that I do this:

The first is my own individual 'social sphere' such as tumblr, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. On those platforms I share my heart, encourage others with positive messages that have helped me over the years, and connect with people one-on-one via messages or comments. This is where the bulk of my time is spent; answering messages and giving as much advice as I can.

The most personal way that I connect with people is through my "mail time" videos. Through this, I offer people the opportunity to mail me anything that they might use to hurt themselves (for example, the razor blade that someone used to cut themselves), and if they do so, then in return I open what they sent me on video and share my reaction and a personal 'thank you' to what that person sent. I have been doing this for over a year now, and I have received over 200+ letters from all over the world, adding up to 500+ self harm tools. You can see a recent post about it on my blog here.

The second way that I reach out to people is a slightly less personal way. I say that because it is a way that I use to 'share the load' with other like minded individuals so as to help keep from taking everything on by myself. I do this by running a handful of support blogs of which multiple other people are administrators. This has two benefits, the first one being that I have less pressure to do it all on my own, and the second being that it gives others the opportunity to reach out and be a support as well.

Some of the support blogs that I run are: 

Note: No administrator (myself included) claims to have professional understanding of mental illness, nor do we claim to provide professional services. In any situation where we may have reason to believe that the individual requires professional help, we do not hesitate to encourage that individual to get immediate professional help.

What I would be using the Patreon support for:

Right now my time and energy are spread thin between this online support I provide, and working to earn money so I can afford things like rent and having food in my fridge. With your support, I would be able to focus more of my time and energy on supporting individuals online. 

Any amount will help, and I am incredibly grateful for all support whether it be financial or otherwise.

Thank you so much for your consideration :)

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Right now it costs me around $500 per month to pay for my rent, internet+electric, and food.
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