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Woah, thank you so much for your support! Every little bit helps and you're the best and I hope you have an amazing day, you all-star, you seriously thank you!! I appreciate your love and support 8>
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You want to support me more!? T-thank you so much! You know what - you're gonna access to sketches, roughs and general progress of what I'm currently working on - including prints, fanart and stuff on the back burner! Thanks for being a cool ;>




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About JustaSuta

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⚡Hey everybody! I'm Justasuta, but you can call me Suta or Justyce  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  I'm an Illustrator, Designer, and Storyteller, doing both fanart and original work, including a webcomic (that I'm hoping to start soon)! I work tirelessly to bring you colorful and dynamic eye-pleasing visuals! I create work traditionally, digitally, I paint and do lineart and color and dabble in animation sometimes and other styles too - you never don't stop can't stop growing as an artist! ⚡

⚡If you pledge, I'll be able to devote more time and energy to creating art! I'll keep this patreon updated with works-in-progress and early access to new projects plus I'll be able to post finished work on a more consistent schedule, go to more conventions, create cool products like prints, stickers and wearable items like shirts and also FINALLY start that webcomic. ⚡

⚡So if you're interested, please consider becoming a patron today! Share this page with others! Everything helps! Thanks guys! ⚡
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The first step to becoming an independent artist. Thank you so much for your support, everyone! (︶ω︶) 
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