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So who is the author of Just a Touch of Sass?  My name is Sarah Schrumpf-Deacon and I have dabbled in persuasive and non-fiction writing for more than two decades. I greatly enjoyed my 4 year tenure as a news writer for a small town publication and have lent my perspective to the discussion of many local and national issues.  Now, thanks to Patreon and your support I will have the opportunity to make writing into the job I has always dreamed of but never thought I could afford. 

A former everything - educator, politician, farmer, manager, and gopher - I come to the latter part of my life with a varied background no one could have planned and a desire to do something I love rather than seek accolades in corporate America.  My direct style and quirky humor are used to both educate the reader as well as persuade them to view life from a different angle.  I am quite vocal about the overuse of video and images in today's world and prefer to use words to both paint a picture and instill an idea in the mind of the reader. 

Rather than upload an introductory video which is recommended, let me give you the words to create such a video in your own mind.  Imagine a small two-story Victorian house in a rural part of Virginia. The house, painted light peach and white in keeping with the Victorian era, sits at the end of a small lane which was once a stop off for a railroad line transporting people and cargo between Staunton and Roanoke. Where once there was noise and train whistles, there is now mostly quiet broken by the sound of lawns being mowed and dogs barking to one another.   In one of the bay windows you will see a woman typing on a well worn laptop.  She prefers a Mac and has recently set up this 'office' so she can see the comings and goings of her few neighbors.  What you cannot see is that the family dog, is curled at her feet and a nuisance of a cat snores while sleeping under the window.

The woman can sit for hours each day, writing and rewriting until the piece on which she is focused is just what she wants it to be.  Every word must reflect exactly the right meaning.  Having learned the importance of semantics at the dinner table when she was young, she understands that blue is not just blue and a smile can be so much more than an indication of emotion.  She has been a writer for many years and had audiences that respected the manner in which she conveyed thoughts.  Those audiences are gone now and she is looking for a new audience, one that believes in what she has to offer as well as enjoys her ability to do so.  You are invited to become part of this woman's new audience.  She looks forward to developing a relationship with you and others while doing something she loves.  She asks and appreciates her patrons support of any level and will reward their confidence in her by uploading a weekly contribution.  

Please also see this author's page Deacon Family History Project which is a separate effort.  
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