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About Just For Fun

Hey friends :) 
We're Braeden Yacobucci and Matt McCombs and this is our podcast!

Why did we start it you may ask? Well, just for fun.

And that's what our podcast is about, enjoying time with each other and the guests we get to talk to.  

From meditation professors to piercing artists, we've been able to talk with some really interesting people, and we would love to continue our love for conversation to meet new people and hear their stories and advice. However, we are unable to do that without support!

You see, we are on the verge of greatness ... 

but two college gentlemen with minimum wage jobs unfortunately can't afford the equipment required for the level of quality production we want for this podcast. The money raised from this account will go to super cool stuff like new microphones and other fancily termed items for quality sound recording and production. From pennies to benjamins, anything you can afford will help us create something amazing!
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We'll buy an audio interface to make sure our podcast sounds sweet to your sweet sweet ears! Also, we'll be able to monitor Braedens explosive laugh so it doesn't crush your eardrums anymore!
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