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About Justine Danger

Animal Activist. Lightworker. Rollergirl.

My passion for animal activism started last year when I moved from California to Delaware. I was living in Delmar, DE (the border of Delaware and Maryland) and driving to my job as a Massage Therapist at the beach. My commute was a gruling hour drive on very flat, very straight country roads. I remember the first day a chicken truck rolled up next to me at a red light. First the smell, then the sight. Sick, filthy chickens cramed and stacked in cages. Unable to stand up, legs painfully caught in the wires, broken wings, upsidedown, some already dead, all clearly terrified. I couldn't believe it, was I the only one seeing this? When I went home that night I spent a few disturbing hours with google.

I had been a vegetarian since I was in high school taking an animal agriculture class. In the class we were shown slaughter videos of each kind of farmed animal. It was horrible. Innocent animals being hoisted upside down and having their throats cut open. I knew immediately that I could not have any part in this and that I would no longer eat meat. It was obvious to me that the animals suffered and felt pain just as you and I. If I could barely watch the videos how did I think I had the right to eat those animals? And why are any of us eating animals anyways?

Until that day in Delaware I hadn't deeply considered where the animals came from, who they were, how they lived, and how they got to the slaughterhouse. After my googling, I was able to uncover more then I wanted to know of the horrors of the meat, egg and dairy industry. By 9pm that night I was vegan. A few more commutes to work and twenty or so chicken trucks later, I was purchasing a two day pass to the National Animal Rights Conference in DC. It wasn't enough for me to personally boycott these industries, I needed to find out what others where doing about this and find out how to help stop it.

At the conference I learned about The Save Movement and was thrilled to find it such harmony with my own values. The Save Movement has groups all over the world that hold "vigils" at slaughterhouses to honor the animals in the last moments of their lives. We bear witness so that their suffering does not go unseen. Attendees take pictures and videos and then share them on their social media accounts so that friends and family can see the truth and make the connection between the animal and the meat. I love it! It allows people to come to their own conclusion on how it makes them FEEL.

I went home and started Delaware Animal Save and began holding monthly vigils at various chicken slaughterhouses in Southern Delaware. At the beginning of this year I relocated to Asheville, NC and started Asheville Animal Save and have continued to hold monthly slaughterhouse vigils. 

I also participate in vegan outreach events with various Anonymous for the Voiceless groups in North Carolina. They specialize in street activism where they hold screens showing video footage of standard practices in the meat, egg and dairy industry. As the public approaches, activist are there to help guide them through what they are seeing and answer any questions that come up. We then give them information to help them make the change to a more compassionate way of living.

Aside from that I create videos for Youtube and host a monthly Activist Bonfire to help build community within the movement. In addition I am a contributer to JaneUnchained.com, a TV/social media journalist.

How you can help:

My sidekick #Monadog and I have been without a car since January. We sometimes travel five or more hours away to attend protests or vegan outreach events. We are looking to get a Chevy Astro Van to extend our range and be able to stay for multi-day events. With wheels there won't be any stopping us. Help Mona and I save animals everywhere animals need saving and be a part of helping to create a  kinder more compassionate world for both people and animals. Please consider making a donation to help us get a car or becoming a monthly donor to help support us on the road.

Thanks for reading :)

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