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About Justin and Jesse

Welcome to our Patreon Page! Please watch the video above for more info!


Who Are We? We’re Justin and Jesse, and we've been making music together since the Spring of 2012. After we moved from project to project together, we decided to take to the web to share our creativity with the world. We make music videos of popular covers, video game/movie tunes, and anything we feel like, really!

Why Patreon? We have a dream of eventually pursuing creative endeavors as a living, a seemingly insurmountable task. But Patreon offers hope; if we can foster a community with our friends and fans, maybe someday we can create music and videos for a living. It allows us to directly connect with you by offering things you’d like so you can help us pursue our passion. Check below for some of the sweet things you can get for supporting! Don't forget to let us know if there's anything else you'd like!

Patreon FAQ:
Generally we'll produce at most one major release per month, and you'll ONLY be charged for these videos. Regardless, you can set a monthly limit on how much you'd like to contribute so there's no way we can overcharge you!

The idea is to build a Community between us and you, our fans and friends. We'll provide patrons with music, merch, and extra videos, so we can have the opportunity to do this for a living!

$12 of $45 per music video
Like Halloween? But seriously, this'll basically cover our cost of materials and noms for your standard video. Which is sweet.
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