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What's going on my fellow drum nerds! I'm Justin Thomas, a drummer, a producer and I guess now I'm a podcaster because I'm finally doing the damn thing. I'm starting a podcast about music, drums and life. 

So, I've had a long off and on relationship with the drums. I started playing when I was about 9 years old. I was in school concert band, jazz band, marching band, after school band, all the bands. And, it was quite the musical journey until...I turned 18. I put away the sticks, held a few jobs and started hitting the books because I never knew you could drum as a job. I mean, you can't make a living playing drums. Nah, you go to college, get a real job, and move back to Washington, DC where you work in a cubicle all day, right? Look, it might sound cliche but this was my reality. No more drums, no more creativity, no more fun and no more meaning in my life.
Things are a little different now. I quit the 9-5 corporate job to work for myself. I podcast, I play the drums and I'm documenting it all in my new show called The Pocket.
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