is creating artistic works of fiction and falsehood

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What I'm writing
Re-Dragonize is a web serial currently being published on Royal Road.

What I've written
I've worked as a video game scriptwriter on projects like Winter Wolves' Cursed Lands, Idol Manager, and Necrobarista.  I'm also the writer and voice behind the blog Kinetic Literature

Why I'm on Patreon
I've been fortunate to work as a writer on a number of collaborate projects with great people, but I think that there are some stories best told purely through the written word.  This page is a way for you to support my solo projects.

Truth be told, there isn't much going on here right now.  My only running web serial is currently on hiatus, as I'm currently wrapping up a number of things related to other projects I'm working on (both Necrobarista and Idol Manager are launching in the impending months, which comes with a whole host of responsibilities that keep me away from working on my own stories).  The reason I'm "soft-launching" this page now is that on May 7, Patreon is going to change their pricing structure, and any pages launched after that date will have to pay a higher fee each month.

Were it not for that, I'd be waiting until I had more to show before launching this page (and for the time being, I'm not doing anything to promote it), but I want to get grandfathered in at the cheaper rate, so here I am.  For now, all I can promise is that better things will be coming soon.  If, for some reason, you want to contribute to this page now, I'm not going to stop you.
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