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One of my favorite words in Romanian meaning Water Lily.  I didn't know what it meant for a long time, but there was this cleaner named Nufarul that I used to clean a really dirty bath tub in Timișoara once and it started taking off the enamel.
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The Sperm Whale was my favorite animal growing up.  As a 3rd grader I learned they can hold their breath for up to 2 hours.  About 5th grade I finally believed it when my friends told me what sperm meant so I was too embarrassed to say they were my favorite.  Then some time in high school I stopped caring and let them be a favorite again.
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When I was in Romania as a missionary a shirtless guy with a hatchet chased my companion and I from the 9th floor to the 6th floor with a hatchet before he gave up.  We took the elevator from there to the floor level and left.  On the way out we were talking to this nice old lady who told us the man was crazy and would sometimes kick her cats.  Before she finished the same guycame out with a shirt on and no hatchet saying high to us as polite as could be.




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Hi I am Fred Christensen

I want to leave my kids a better world than what I see outside today.

My talent stack lets me delve into many topics and projects form a unique perspective.  I grew up playing sports and in a singing and dancing group.  I worked construction with my father through high school.  Spent 2 years in Romania as a missionary for my church.  A few years later I moved back to Romania for a year where I married my best friend and worked as a telemarketer to people in the UK.  When I got back to the U.S. I was able to put myself through a B.S. in Computer Science while doing granite counters for my Dad and Brother's business.  Since 2013 I have seen the software company I work for go through an explosion of growth.

I try to create content that makes the world a better place.  I am not certain what my content will all be, but I will only put out things that I hope make the world a better place.  Hope you join me for the ride.

Your support is greatly appreciated.  I am not going to hide any of my content behind pay-walls or anything.  If you find what I do of value, then I trust you will support as you can.  I still work a full time job and this is just something I do on the side.  Any support will go to helping me realize projects that I have in the works.

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