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About JustWar

I. Love. Games.

I play everyday, and since I'm homeschooled, I get to do it a lot more than most. My whole family is made up of gamers, artists, and all kinds of weirdness. I want to have fun, make you laugh, and hopefully you'll have fun too. I'm not a big well known guy right now, maybe I'll never be - but I want to say thank you ......

Thank you for watching me, and listening to my randomness. Thank you for coming here, for supporting me and subscribing and liking what I do. Thanks for being you. You're awesome!

What will I do if you guys support me as an artist and gamer?

1) Buy a decent mic that doesn't pop.

2) Maybe a webcam?

3) Get the games you want to see me play, even if it's not my usual style. I just love the interaction and fun involved, what I play for you makes me happy, too!

I'm 13 right now, and I want to work hard to make this happen. Thank you for making it possible!

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