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About Jutta Jerlich

Creative soul, event architect, digital business developer - Initiator of Fuckup Nights Basel. I have always been interested in knowing how many ways there are to do something. That also includes how not to do something. Trying out something new can always go wrong but I regard this an equally valuable outcome.

So I create atmospheres, experiences, events, trainings ... videos, articles, interviews which allow people to see this as I do. Going beyond societal rules, family expectations or long held traditions takes courage and I know that you have this courage in you as well.
And yes, it is a new challenge every day to do that in my own life.

People tell me that I am very creative and inspirational. Maybe this is because I always strives to add a little bit of fun, learning and curiosity into what I do or create. I feel it is my responsibility to support organizations and causes that brings positive change to the world.