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"I'm kind of broke so I'll just get fast food for lunch" Tier

First off, Thank you! You're support means a lot. You'll get access to:

+ My sketches, doodles, and other small stuff that I don't post anywhere else
+ High res jpegs of my illustrations, character designs, and fan art
+ WIPs of what I'm working on
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"That's the price of a sandwich in Baltimore?!" Tier

Hey cool cat! You'll get access to all the previous tier rewards, plus:

+ PSDs of my work so you can see the layers, blending modes, etc.
+ Any step-by-step images or process videos I put out
+ Any Patreon-exclusive livestreams I do

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"Dinner and dessert because you gotta treat yo self!" Tier

So much swag! You'll get access to all the previous tier rewards, plus:

+ Entry into a monthly raffle to win a free colored sketch of any character you fancy (1-2 winners depending on number of patrons)
+ Access to my skype where you can chat with me, ask me questions, or get brief feedback on your work.
+ 10% Discount on my commissions




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Hi. I'm JWhitney. You can call me Jenn.
I like to draw. A lot.
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I'm currently in my final stretch in receiving my BFA in Illustration from MICA this spring. Since I'm working on my degree full time, I can only support myself through my freelance work and commissions. It pays for my food, gas, and cost for supplies, but my budget is so tight that instead of working on my personal work, I'm spending my free time pumping out commissions and putting extra hours into work study. 

That's where you can help.
By supporting me on Patreon, you can give me breathing room to do more personal work.  In return, you'll get exclusive access to my sketches, WIPs, step-by-step images and high resolution files of my work. Whether its a fan art print I'm working slowly on, or a series of development shots from my Thesis, you'll get to see the stuff that I don't post on my Facebook, tumblr, or website. 

In return for your support, I'll be setting aside time to give away free sketches and art  for certain tiers. As I gain even more support, I'll be able to offer up better rewards to each tier (like goodie bags, polls, adoptables, free prints, etc). 

See how I do what I do
In addition to those sketches and WIPs, I'll be able to show my process for stuff like  character design or concept art after gaining enough support. As I finish work for my Thesis, I'll be able to put together compilations on how I went about designing characters, their environments, and their assets.

So please consider supporting me! If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to 
email me at jwhitneyart(at)gmail.com

Thank you!
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I get to be happy! (just kidding, I'm always happy to be around you) Now that I have my food expenses covered, I can spend more time doing fan art for everyone. Each month, I'll be able to work on stuff that YOU want to see.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
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