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Happy and surprised you support and 1 dollar is already amazing! BIG tnx!

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Two dollar, awesome! BIG BIG tnx! 

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I guess some five dollar pledges would create confidence in  alternatives to the "9-5 schema" which we are currently on. Food for thought for all of us.....




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About jwk

Ideated to travel (sail) the world in 2009, scheduled to depart July 5th, 2024.

I travelled Asia and Europe “over land”, mainly by public transport with my Wife Sacha. Loved it to the max. Next trip, I figured, should be “over water”. The “inside out version”. 

Awesome right? Well, yes! But this first world challenge is a tad more complicated than you might think, especially as my wife and son don’t have "the sailing bug". And even myself (being a Libra?) I have my doubts whether biking wouldn’t be a more suitable middle ground. 

Follow me (us) figuring out a probably recognizable puzzle in a hopefully unconventional way. From the first video all the way to the day we set sail;

Die Navigavimus
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