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For $1, I will place your name in the credits as a thanks for all of your help and support in my videos!  You are awesome and kind for providing this support. :)
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At times when I'm working on longer videos, such as TV series, I'll record a video to show what I'm currently working on and what my progress is that only my Patreon supporters may access via this tier or higher.  It is my way of saying thanks for your support.  :-)
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In addition to having your name placed in the credits, I will give you a shout out in one of my news reports as a thanks for all of your help and support in my videos!  You are awesome and kind for providing this support. :) 




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About Kaiju No Kami

Throughout my life, I have experienced many things and tried my hand doing something new.  It has been an adventure which has now led me to making reviews and educating others on film and television.  Also, it has given me an opportunity to provide a voice to fans at conventions and public events.  While I have been successful doing this on my own, now I need to ask for a little help.  Donating films, providing feedback on how to improve, and becoming a Patron are great ways to help get me there!

Here is a little about me, Kaiju no Kami.  My real name is Marcus and I am originally from Buffalo New York.  My wife and I moved to Denver Colorado in 2006 to take our first adventure in moving across country.  For many years I worked movie and video game retail services as an expert on the quality of products.  With my love in all forms of media, I was able to connect with and inspire others to try new things.  In 2010, I worked on my Master's degree in Education to help pass my love of media and learning onto students.  While doing that and seeing how it helped students, I wanted to try my hand at helping others learn more about movies and other forms of entertainment such as Tokusatsu.  This not only helped me connect to with others, it also taught me a lot about myself and the ability to take risks.  

Humbly, I thank you all for this experience as it has been fun and something that I hope to continue doing for much, much longer.  If you can offer financial support through Patreon that is awesome!  If not, I appreciate your watching my videos and being a fan.  At the end of the day, I am doing this for you!
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If I can maintain $500 a month, I will be able to remove the monetization from my videos on Youtube to make them ad free (except in the cases where one gets claimed and is monetized by the claimant).  
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