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One dollar, Bob! You are officially feeding the children and spouse of which neither I have. I appreciate that. And make no mistake, this dollar is a win for me, so don't be shy with it.  Consider it the same dollar you'd put in a lesser man's G-String and give it to me instead.

Better yet, you'll be included in the Patrons able to cast a vote for what content you want to see broken down into the monthly tutorial, to which oh by the way...you get early access to.  Yep...have that shit already drilled before the homies even see it. Then it comes out and you're like "Psssh...hold my beer, bro. I got this."  

$1 for all that glory.
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3 Words: Ballin. Outta. Control.

This is that tip you give to the /really/ good street performer even though you know it's just going to feed their boxed wine addiction. 

$5 gets you not only the glory of being a PATRON OF THE MOTHERFUCKING ARTS(!) and a vote towards the monthly breakdown video, but also:

  • Access to a collection a former (and soon...future!) videos with additional commentary over them about details of the project, thoughts on why camera angles or lenses were chosen, on the process and inspiration behind the movements and more stuff that probably only stalkers would care about.
  • Access to a #BehindTheScenes monthly compilation of the newest movement concepts I create in my bi-weekly practice sessions.  These almost never make it to the internet, so it's exclusive access for Patrons. Various concepts in various dance styles, hat manipulation, characters, gestural work, facial expressions, and other silly things I think are fun.
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You just bought me lunch. It's like we just went on a friends date and you paid. Awwww <3

  • Everything from the $1/$5 rewards
  • Up to 10x the personal satisfaction of the former rewards
  • Monthly critique of your movement art with thoughts on what can be kept, scrapped and refined, as well as direction on where to go next. Think of it like coaching. For a lot cheaper than a dance coach and I'll never touch you inappropriately in the process.




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$0 of $100 per month
Not Feel Like a Complete Failure.

$100/month in donations is not going to have me tell my boss to fuck off next Monday morning, but I believe in baby steps and I hope you all believe in me.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 4 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 4 exclusive posts

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