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About Kakeru Fuidjo

Good time of day, my dear reader! I'm Darya, but in web more famous like Kakeru Fuidjo, and i drawing comics! Now it's my first hobby, but i suspect, it's very long time ago it has grown in something bigger... How i have say, i long time do comics: make worlds by myself, characters, storyes, traditions, any story cobwebs and embody it in life on pages!(If be honest, i have second author, but he prefer be in shadow, heh). What can i say, i invest in it buisness all myself without remnant and very glad by results. Now all concepts and ideas coming together in one universe, wich i call Nineworld(Hello, Scandinavian mythology!)
At the real time i'm working with:
Alice in a SinLand or short SiL

About comics
WebToon http://www.webtoons.com/en/challenge/alice-in-a-si...
Tapastiq https://tapas.io/series/Alice-in-a-SinLand

Next project is White Night.

Project in genre "finde adventures on yourself ass"
About comics
*Now this project have many official arts, which you can find in gallery, but more of them it's short ideas or sketches.

Where i am
DeviantArt http://kakeru-fuidjo.deviantart.com/
Группа ВК https://vk.com/kakeru_fuidjo
Авторский Комикс http://acomics.ru/-KakeruFuidjo
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1000141749...

In rest little time of my life i'm living, change focus from so coloristic company by drawing on title, practic skill in another styles and etc on theme.
How you can see, i'm not sit without buisness, but still stayin on one enthusiasm only and i'll me very grateful, if you support me financially. By this act you show me, than all my work it's not joke, but something more...
Награды за поддержку совсем рядом!-------->>>>
With love, Kakeru Fuidjo~
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I will posting comic "White Night" two time in a week.
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