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is creating Gran Turismo Sport Livery Time Lapse Videos!

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Who are you?
I'm Kallum (or Kal for short) and I make livery time lapse videos on Gran Turismo Sport. When I was a child, my dream was to one day be a car designer. I was always drawing cars and designing liveries growing up and have always had a passion for cars! Thanks to Gran Turismo Sport, I now have a platform in which I can see my creations "come alive" and share them with the community! In October of 2017, I made my first ever livery time lapse video and uploaded it to my YouTube Channel. To my amazement, my video got an incredible response, one that I never could have expected, and that laid the foundation for the channel I wanted to build. At the time of that upload, I had a mere 37 subscribers. Ten months on and 84 videos later, I now have over 2,700 subscribers following my passion! 

Why should I give you my money?
Trying to create entertaining and original content all the time isn't as easy as many people may think. In fact it is challenging, demanding, and time-consuming. At least for me it is. I believe it to be due to trying to fit YouTube around my regular job. To give you an insight, most of my videos take me between 2 - 4 hours to make. Most of that time is spent making a livery and then editing the video. On average, I have to wait an hour for my recorded footage to copy over from my PS4 to my USB, where I then transfer the footage to my phone where I edit it. My upload time can also vary from anywhere between 8 - 12 hours due to my poor internet connection. With your support, however, I hope to change that so I can dedicate myself more fully, cover some of my costs, and create better content for you! :)

How many posts/videos do you upload monthly?

I generally upload 8 videos per month. Sometimes more or less depending on my work load.
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