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About Kamihana



I am Kamihana (before Catniss) from Germany (born March 1986) and live together with my son and 3 cats.
I really love Cats, but also drawing something. I start to drawing, at my son was born (2012). After a long time, i am now the official Artist-Drawer for The Tribe , thats mean, i draw some artworks for the drama and Mangas, too.

Its a hard job, but makes also some fun. 
Often i draw in shojo-style, because i like sweet things.
I used Watercolors, Copic Ciao, and Clip Studio Paint for my Artworks.

What do I draw?
  • Illustrations
  • Fanarts (not for sale)
  • Fanarts for The Tribe
  • Digital and traditional style
  • Cute people or things
  • Men and Womens, also Childs
  • Handlettering
  • Merchandise Stuff

What do you get, for your support?
  • Early access to my illustrations 
  • Tutorials and Tipps
  • Bases
  • Fanarts (only here in the Future)
  • Polls
  • discount for my merchandise ( at conventions, later at etsy, too.)
  • Tipps and pictures from Japan
  • gifts and giveways

My Goals
I want use, the money for printing new merchandise, e.g. pillows, mugs and postcards. Also i could buy more stuff for drawing, because its very expensive. 
Furthermore i can enter more drawing classes, for become better at drawing.

Thank you so much, for reading <3
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