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This tier is for you if you don't necessarily do it for the rewards but still want to support me for the work I'm doing.

There are no rewards for this tier other than my thankfulness

Dos tazas de café
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Do I deserve a morning coffee from you every month? I usually drink a huge cup of coffee that counts for two :)

There are no rewards for this tier other than that I'll be thinking of you when I'm ordering coffee.

O membro do clube
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As o membro do clube (member of the club), this is what you'll get: 
  • Access to worksheets (when I'm working on a product)
  • Monthly patron-only session on a language-related topic I'm working on
  • The opportunity to share your feedback and ideas with me




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About Kamila

Hi there, if you have been following me for a while and you've always wanted to support me, then now, it's possible!

Who am I?
I'm Kamila. I'm a language consultant (almost) and YouTube content creator. 

When I first started creating content, it was because I wanted to improve my English. This idea has evolved into something that I'm doing nowadays; giving you insight in my learning process by sharing my practice and progression videos along with the tips that I discover.

By doing all this, I want to show you encourage you to practice consistently and leave your comfort zone.

Why I need your support
I'm using some software that I have to pay for every month (for example, Adobe Premiere Pro for editing my videos). It would be awesome to receive something back for the work I'm doing with a passion so that I can invest in more advanced equipment and create better content. The money that I receive, I'll also use to outsource some of my work because I want to have more time to work on bigger projects.

What you'll get in return
This Patreon page is more than just a place where you can support me financially. 

I want to be closer to the people who are genuinely interested in what I'm doing; leaving their comfort zone and setting their excuses aside to reach their language goals. If you're one of them and support my work, I want to share my exclusive tips with you. Depending on which tier you choose, you'll even have the possibility to have a call with me once every month!

And why I want to get closer to you
By creating this possibility, I believe I can build a better connection with you and show you my appreciation for your support. 

Also... Sometimes I just want to create useful things for fun.

And with fun, I mean worksheets and sessions without the goal of becoming known for it. Those things can be all placed under the concept of "helping language learners set their excuses aside".

I believe that rewarding you with products like that through Patreon is a great idea. It will help me use the creative part of my brain more often and it will help you get better.

Check out the tiers for all the options and let's connect! 
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Yaass! This seems like a small number, but it means a lot to me. When we reach this milestone, we'll celebrate it with a patron-only live stream where y'all can ask me ANYTHING related to language learning and self-improvement.
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