Kapt'n Krunch

is creating video game and airsoft shitposting

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This is the base-tier.  For $5 a month, you will receive exclusive access to unreleased videos that I will not post anywhere outside of Patreon.  If they for any reason are removed by Patreon, they will be uploaded to an unlisted YouTube playlist that is only accessible via link.  This is to ensure that if Patreon for whatever reason deletes my videos, you will still receive the content you paid for.

Unreleased videos are usually scraps and clips that I didn't put much time into editing but wanted to show off either way.  They are uploaded because I saved them for being great videos/clips however did not fit quite into the spirit of the YouTube channel.  

$5/monthly is a great way to support my channel, it'll help me afford new gear and equipment used for Airsofting and Gaming, while also giving me some personal income.  




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My name
            is Kapt'n Krunch  

I play video games, play in airsoft matches, and post online.  

The only purpose I serve on the internet is to deliver low effort and obscure gags/jokes to entertain/confuse people that stumble across it or that have already been following me.

My goal is to be the person you read/watch the posts and videos of to laugh and be entertained no matter what. Your day could be absolute poo and I want to make it brighter indirectly through my content.

Most people take video games seriously, play competitively, play to win - not me.
I play to have my own fun, do obscure actions, engage in ridiculous strategies.  


When people play airsoft, the take it seriously, playing competitively, playing to win - not me. 

I play with my friends, have our own fun, engage in ridiculous strategies.  


With your Patreon support, it'll help me deliver that content more efficiently.  More money for video games, airsoft equipment, and camera gear, all to entertain you in return - at the same time, entertaining myself.

$5 of $300 per month
I will fund the production of velcro-patches for my channel.  I will launch a giveaway to give 10 patreon backers a signed patch  for the debut.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts
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