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Komt allen tezamen
per month
Komt allen tezamen is Dutch (the meaning: comes altogether). I found it appropriate and it is one of my favourite Christmas songs!

The Rewards:

  • You can always suggest animals to draw or fusion (mixed) animals
  • Acces to patreon only posts/feed
  • Acces to polls (choose the theme, animal, colour palette etc.)
Midden in de winternacht
per month
Midden in de winternacht is Dutch (the meaning: in the middle of the winter night). I think it sounds nice and it is one of my favourite Christmas songs!

The Rewards:

  • All previous rewards
  • I'll make a sketch for you
  • Acces to the secret live streams (+ if wanted: I'll notify you via instagram dm when I'm about to stream)
Kling klokje klingeling
per month
Kling klokje klingeling is Dutch, I think it sounds funny and fun and it is one of my favourite Christmas songs!

The Rewards:

  • All previous rewards
  • Once in a while High-resolution wallpapers for your phone and desktop
  • When the finished product is posted on instagram, the sketches I made + the sketches that never made the finish line
  • You'll have access to lineart to colour
  • Access to the discord server/chat 
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About Kaqisiawaii

Hello there! Welcome!

Feel free to ask questions! I do not bite!
I'm really happy and honoured that you are visiting my patreon page!
I am a Dutch artist, I live in the small country called The Netherlands (also called Holland, but I and many Dutch prefer the Netherlands).
I love to draw cute animals, I like to learn things and once in a while I like to take on a (drawing) challenge. I always try to draw something different, each time something different as in which animal, but also something else like an animal that does not exist or an animal that is a fusion (mixed) animal.
I use an iPad Pro 10,5 with the program Procreate and an Apple Pencil.

A big thank you for visiting my patreon page. If you want to know more about my art you can always visit my Instagram or send me a message on Instagram, Twitter or via email! I do not bite!

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I'll be very, very thankful for 10 people that support me here! <3
I'll draw (a small drawing) something for you all that you all can choose (every person 1 drawing).
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