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About Karel (Charles Karel Bouley II)

What a world it is going in to 2019! It's more important now than ever to help keep voices you like, art you love, projects you desire accessible. And that takes funding.

When I made history with Andrew Howard at KFI Los Angeles, hosts were well paid and programming was wonderful. Went I went on to KGO alone, the same dynamic applied. Now, everyone has to work for next to nothing and content sucks. So, we have to take it back. But entertainers need to live as well.

Be sure to follow the Karel Cast at Spreaker 

In the early days of podcasting, I was able to give away my podcast and TV endeavors under the old monetizing paradigm, meaning I was paid enough at KFI and KGO to not worry about it because I know times are hard and people are strapped. You see, I want the person on Social Security or State Aid as well as the millionaire to enjoy my show: everyone. So, I felt I had to keep it free.

But after corporate media's demise and fall, it's going to take the support of you to keep progressive, funny, LGBT-friendly bottom-line entertainment and views coming your way and for all to hear. Progressive radio is all but gone but not here! First, enjoy Karel's Furious Five, five minutes a day of topics like you've never heard; audio and video. Then, a weekly Life In Segments Lite, with guests from the biggest newsmakers or celebrities, to fun out-of-studio events, rants on topics of the day or just fun laughs, Plus, books about a plant based lifestyle, recipes, cannabis news and so much more, and it's still free. It can stay that way with your support.

Without your support ... well, let's just say a girl's gotta eat. I need this to work, entertaining you, making you laugh, think, cry, being your friend when you're alone in your ear or making several of you laugh out loud at once...it's why I'm here. 

You can see and hear everything at my  website, my dedicated App, Vimeo, Spreaker, iTunes, TuneIn, Youtube, GCN Satellite, iTunes, iHeart, Free Speech TV and more. But it will disappear without your support.

So, I'm asking you to keep my voice alive in broadcasting, TV, stage and beyond! Let's keep a fun show that deals with issues in a unique way on the air. 

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